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Jesus said, “Do no longer take the call of the Lord in useless.” This is a message addressed to people- -now not to souls. The ‘Lord’, here is a deceiver and a strength player. In actual spirit there’s no Lord, for no person exerts suppressive power over some other. Suppressive power and authority is handiest everyday in a religious virtual truth- -A GAME ENVIRONMENT lord of the manor.

Lords set up themselves via brute moves of every style possible. Once they have garnered some electricity in some thing manner feasible: via the balloting system, via overwhelming power over everyday guys, thru foxy, the putting of intellectual and monetary snares, and some other way the criminal thoughts can get it done.

Once Lordship has been hooked up it is maintained through fame differentials called eminence, authority, corporation, management, field and so forth. Lordship is similarly more suitable thru the traditions of men, by such routines as protocol, rite, worship, sacrifice, loyalty oaths, obedience, praise and the like. When any of such matters manifest themselves in faith, authorities, club exercises and so forth, you know you’re being fooled royally, by means of the best humans that can be royal- -bottom-of-the-pit type crooks.

Other varieties of lordship are everlasting, extreme bodily and mental handicaps, inconsolable sorrows and deprivations, and painful, incurable persistent illnesses. They reigns via individuals and they may be served with the aid of many others who try to help, console, restore fitness, nurse and give solace. These forms of lords cannot be conquered, but the very brave learn how to forget about the needs and presence of these brutes and cross on with lifestyles as correct as possible. Some break out them through suicide.

Getting returned to Jesus’ declaration, “Do now not use the call of the lord in vain” he intended, do now not move lords, in something approaches they may be manifesting themselves- -effective leaders and even god. They are like vipers that may never be depended on; so do now not pass them, or their fangs will bare and strike immediately. In the universe each creature, without exception lives in fear and brutal subjection of one or extra lords.

Jesus had a distinct motive for pronouncing that than what religions have taken as the spiritual norm. He taught that to be loose you have to no longer be concerned with the arena due to the fact you should pick out among the world and spirit- -the sector being the incorrect preference. Obviously the bodily environment is Lord and we are all stuck in it until death do us part (probably). You should appease this lord when your complete religious interest is within the world, and do what you can it remains an untrustworthy Lord. Jesus is surely declaring that Jehovah is Lord and to be free of him you have to realize that he is a criminal; you should forget about him like a significantly disabled character can ignore his disability and cross on with life as pleasant he/she will.

Simultaneously, he taught that this Lord Jehovah is a liar and a murderer from the beginning and that the reality isn’t in him and might in no way be in him (The Bible, New Testament Gospel of John bankruptcy 8). The e-book of Revelation warns us to get out of her, the whore of Babylon (neglect the relevance of this bodily universe). Revelation even well-knownshows god’s gender. This Lord, Jehovah, is feminine and a whore- -nothing is natural and true, the whole lot and every concept souls and mankind were fed is corrupted and betrayed and made of no spiritual effect whatsoever. Oh, there’s an effect- -you persisted bondage in the simplest hell there is- -bodily reality.

In effective spirit there is no “Lord”. The meaning of the word “lord” has the universal connotation of irresistible power however it’s miles nonsense in genuine spirit. In actual spirit the finest is the least of all. As long as souls and their organic creature-projections need and recognize a ‘Lord’ they have to continue to be shut out from authentic spirit. True spirit demands private responsibility and courage- -no longer assigned or subjective duty and daring done in fear of a lord or overseer.

Religious know-how has it that Jesus supposed that in case you curse your god you will be punished on your human circumstance. However, your human situation is a spiritual fraud. It is just a perception machine.

We have to recognize that we, as creatures, are in and of the sector and that Jehovah has repeatedly said that he is the god of the arena and could reward or punish his subjects with fabric blessings and with fabric curses–curses and benefits that affect the bodily person. Jesus, however, additionally tells us “Do not be of the sector.” He teaches that you have to triumph over your perception in worldly and non secular lies/principles and you’ll be simply free certainly. To attain the finest treasure one need to promote all we’ve got after which buy the sector in which that treasure is buried. The interpretation of this parable is that your human life, your finest possession have to be forfeited in thoughts and in recognition. It is of no cost in contrast to this treasure, eternal spiritual existence/recognition.

Jesus primarily addresses souls whom he lost to the serpent, Jehovah, via lies and betrayal. He got here to redeem his actually misplaced sheep to non secular true reality. Religion can handiest understand Jesus as a person who preaches inside the name of Jehovah as his Messiah- -as man to man conversing within the language of virtual creatures in a digital surroundings who recognize the false god (Jehovah) as the author of the (digital) bodily surroundings and consequently of “ALL THINGS”.

In the developing and playing of any recreation (and lifestyles inside the universe is a recreation) one should set up a fixed of ground guidelines and different units of rules applicable to any unique setting one reveals oneself in. God, Jehovah, no longer handiest discovered contributors for the sport, but needed to indoctrinate the individuals into playing his sport in complete earnest. This can simplest be accomplished through a brainwashing scheme. Jehovah is the serpent. The serpent brainwashed spiritual entities, Adam and Woman. He started out off in his scheme through telling them a lie about their real environment and Jehovah’s similarly use of that lie led Adam and Woman to consider in a false (make-notion) truth he had devised- -the bodily universe- -simply as people inside the previous colonies had to be indoctrinated to ‘play’ a new recreation wherein they should see themselves as citizens in the new republic, the ‘United States of America’.

Once the precepts of the game have taken keep in the gamers’ (Adam and Woman) minds the brand new regulations of existence within the digital truth overshadow and hide the scheme of recognition in the genuine or domestic reality inside the minds of the deceived. The new policies as a consequence become the new truth of the new relationship among the deceived and the fact offered within the new sport situation. Thus, a brand new concept of reality sprang forth inside the minds of the deceived (from unique/home-indoctrinated truth to the perception in a fixed of lies/propaganda-triggered rules of being and physical focus.

So, Jehovah (also called Yahweh, Brahman, Great Spirit, etc.), the serpent, is the oracle whom we take delivery of because the proclaimer of reality. This spiritual sport appears so real that the homespun reality of paradise disappeared from the thoughts altogether- -we’re talking of a brand new reality and therefore of a wholly newly devised form of mind; a mind that is drawn absolutely into the newly devised digital concept of fact and which mind as a result does not realize its proper god and its accompanying actual fact.

I can best compare this form of all-encompassing religious delusion with the state of coma a bodily person adopts while someone is lying subconscious for months or even years. People in a coma have awareness but their consciousness has no point in touch with the awareness of others within the physical reality. Its attention has no use of the bodily body and for this reason isn’t always the use of it at all. All its consciousness is anchored and targeted in a few dream situation.

Reality can disappear instantly. The reality of the Nazi regime disappeared immediately whilst the allied forces defeated the German god/Lord, Hitler. The communist Soviet block international locations skilled a fair quicker reversal of digital truth. In the past due 1980 th the communist-indoctrinated human beings of the Soviet block nations had a complete reversal of rules pressured on them once more; one from sharing social assets with all to considered one of exploiting capitalist rules to get rich the fastest and quickest. We know that the pure communist regulations of society are the fairest and the great, but avarice of the true criminals in society prevent any exact gadget of truth from taking preserve in societies of human beings. The awesome rich are consequently our finest adversaries because they need to have their fact enforced on the relaxation of us for their one-up position to endure.

For example, I can be writing a piece of writing on my laptop within the “Word” software and through by chance hitting the incorrect key-combination see the whole Word-surroundings and my article disappear immediately- -and it occurs quite regularly. Germans and Russians skilled this sort of disappearance in their commonplace fact just about as speedy and with even more devastating results. These humans had to wake up from their propaganda enforced dream kingdom and re-indoctrinated into the brand new scenario.

Physical delivery and bodily loss of life are best events in a extra sphere of reality than we as physical creatures may be aware about. I can assure that upon your bodily expiration you’ll disappear quickly into the poor religious cognizance of deceived souls and from there, thru homesickness for physical truth, pick out to reincarnate. Until you may be convinced to surrender the hype of physical truth and the hype of the non secular propaganda connected to it you will achieve this over and once more. This hype is stringently enforced on souls; so, so long as your soul stays completely immersed in the false notion gadget of typical truth you’ll reincarnate.

What I am coaching you is that our human lives are continually lived in lots of nesting units of virtual environments, each with rules that permit the environments to take shape in our consciousness. You should consider me that the awareness the identity of an awesome and successful Chinese communist, say two decades ago, became one of a kind from the notice of a great and a hit US citizen twenty years in the past. Presently, the Chinese human beings are having an upheaval of their understanding of traditional communism and start to be aware of something extremely closer to what US residents enjoy as their reality.

Even so, Jesus is, and continually changed into, our real god in paradise whom we in Adam and Woman rejected because the proclaimer of lies when we adopted a new set of ground regulations for having awareness based on the deception we had widely wide-spread. Our recognition of the authentic god for this reason become hidden via a perception in a virtual truth. We ought to undertake precisely the equal situation whilst we actively play any game right here on the planet.

Football players simplest have recognition within the policies and reality of the soccer recreation till the sport is over and they, over again, can attention their attention on their non-public lives. For football gamers the proprietor is god and the head train is the head angel. For as long as we continue to undertake the awareness of a fake truth we’re close out from experiencing our local reality, proper spirit. The god of football gamers has energy over the gamers- -there’s no doubt approximately it! In a virtual fact the advent of gods is easy and important. It is the energy, or Lord, that enforces the fact of football at the gamers as dictated with the aid of the owner and the affiliation of soccer agency owners. In a digital fact many gods/lords may be created with almost absolute power inside the isolated domain names over which their energy is exerted. In cases in which the power turns into oppressive the players can also create a union or faith to create a communal counter force to reason with or appease the gods/Lords/owners if you want to save you the reality of soccer to fall apart altogether. The reality of the soccer game is a true digital fact inside the more putting of the digital putting of the bodily universe just as a pc game is related to its accompanying digital truth based totally at the floor rules of the laptop environment itself.

The United States of America is a digital reality. Communist China is a digital reality. In order to suit into those new realities one need to be indoctrinated, forced into accepting a new type of policies of attention in the new fact.

Immigrants into the USA must stay and paintings for 5 years within the US and must have a look at the brand new floor policies and concepts of law with the intention to be normal as new citizens of the United States of America. These are all essential steps in participating actively in any virtual sport reality. Virtual realities trade all the time. If the general public hobby shifts altogether from assisting soccer to football soccer won’t even be remembered by means of our tremendous grand kids. In this situation the propaganda assisting and imposing soccer may have overpowered the propaganda that supported the game of football. It is all based on propaganda and the subsequent enforcement of the dominant false belief system. Your physical lifestyles is primarily based on clever terrible non secular propaganda; and you play it with gusto and as though your utter beingness relies upon on it. Physical reality and its related attention inside the numerous businesses of people are primarily based on war of conflicting propaganda/religious/political systems devised by means of competing Lords.

Paul mentioned this propaganda warfare as ‘non secular battle’ in the New Testament in the Bible (Ephesians 6: 10 thru 20). Can you spot that the ‘apostle’ Paul here delivered a method and weaponry of spreading a brand new type of propaganda that might advocate and put into effect Christendom according to Paul’s know-how- -a propaganda that hooked up Christendom securely in the mid-east and in Europe until a new propaganda system of the Muslim religion, violently unfold and enforced inside the 6th century, uprooted Christendom inside the mid-east and positive components of Europe. Most Muslims in those areas can’t even understand that Christianity ever reigned there. Presently, the Muslim religion once more is making inroads in the western international- -no longer through war however through indoctrination. Neither of the religions means a issue as these are all played off in the religious, laptop-generated, digital surroundings called physical universe.

Remember that the indoctrinated gamers in the game of soccer, for example, create the truth in soccer. Without entities willing to research, pontificate and play the sport there’s no soccer sport. So, similarly, souls are contributors in the game of gambling pc-generated creatures in an artificially created physical fact. We, as souls (and for this reason as people) take part wholeheartedly and that is why we accept as true with that bodily reality is all there may be for us human beings. Humans are the lively digital entities in the game, however the true players are our deceived souls.

In any situation in which one entity may have power over another deceit and evil are gift and practiced at it highest stage possible and enforced thru indoctrination and enforcement on the submissive entities (those entities may be one, two, thousands and millions, relying on the all-pervasiveness and electricity of the gods/lords). This is real in horse racing, in politics, in faith and in spirit.

Truly, the only way to get followers or to benefit electricity, cash and standing in any recreation situation is to sell facts, services and products a good way to stick the finest wide variety of souls’ heads deeper inside the muck of non secular and human deceit.

Deceived spiritual souls masquerading as biological creatures inside the universe can only accept as truth what souls have already got been conditioned to recognize and understand¬≠¬≠ approximately the body of reference they have got generic regarding the lie the spiritual deceiver (creatures’ well-known god) has instilled in them. Anything out of doors that fake non secular body of expertise (the apparent religious fact) ought to be rejected because it would overthrow their information of, and participation in the virtual realm” completely. One should understand that inside the religious sport of generic attention the virtual players, in this case biological creatures, are hermetically separated from the genuine gamers just as the virtual players in a pc football game are separated from the real players through the medium of the computer recreation environment. The physical gamers are privy to the computer entities however the computer entities are totally oblivious of the gamers outdoor the pc surroundings that manipulate them. That is exactly why I recognise that biological creatures are mere virtual players in a spiritually performed recreation of ‘bodily truth’ performed in some non secular computer surroundings.

It is best through the experiences encountered in playing the game ‘physical fact’ a soul can begin to research what Jesus meant for them to study with the aid of moving into the sport of bodily universe as another player. He entered the game as a laptop entity, but as one that had strength in real spirit to control the pc environment to create the astounding effects inside the bodily truth simply as Jehovah is capable of accomplish that as related within the Old Testament and the capability he, as god and Lord, presently nonetheless has.

But being in a digital fact is fiction; and such participation ought to continually be based totally on beings current in a better degree of reality. We, as people, are the projections of souls stuck in a deceitful bad realm of consciousness in a better level of reality: spirit. These souls themselves see themselves as beings in terrible spirit which know-how once more is primarily based on false information. Do you start to see the numerous ranges of deceit we’re all situation to as creatures mendacity in a coma in true spirit?

To are seeking for the non secular fact one have to take a look at those matters that according to your human body of mind can not possibly be genuine or rational. Remember, that all you understand and recognize and can be given as you pass on residing as human beings and as souls, now not simplest shuts spiritual reality out altogether, it prevents non secular redemption as Jesus of Nazareth taught in his actual, and socially and religiously completely rejected message. What Jesus as Christ taught have been messages that he was pressured to evangelise by means of Jehovah, Jesus’ non secular arch enemy- -messages from guy to man. However he did also insert his real message in all the gobbledygook he uttered. Jesus’ true non secular message as Anti-Christ is taken into consideration nonsense or past human comprehension- -a mystery or magic. Humanity can not have it. Yet, the spirit in Jesus is our actual god and he’s working tough to once more deliver you to recognition in genuine spirit. I got it; so, in reality, I am now not honestly human any greater; and as a consequence can you too!

My ebook does not sell nicely because it addresses Jesus’ genuine message. The separation of the sheep and the goats is therefore a separation of folks who will have his real message and those who cannot have it. All I even have written assist you to to get the right understanding; know-how that can penetrate thru the airtight laptop-generated barrier; and for this reason can purpose you, as soul to be redeemed into your real native fact. Presently, your soul is thoroughly ignorant as to what in hell befell to it while it believed a lie about its actual truth.

Work in the direction of religious redemption via worry and trembling! What you maintain to be the truth, anything that may be, is spiritually fully false; yet its power over you is having you so scared you are fully unwilling to make what you read here your new fact.

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