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AYet every other sport that entails treasure hunting and digging the land for hidden wealth. What makes this game distinct from the opposite video games that have the identical subject matters that pop up currently in Facebook? We at Mabel Games will go through with you our readers collectively to see you this recreation is well worth investing it slow into UFABET การเลือกราคาต่อรองบนเว็บ.

Treasure Madness is some other regular Treasure hunting recreation that currently been introduce to the Facebook community. Like the game Treasure Isle with the aid of Zynga, this sport is based totally on treasure looking and explorations. However, you should be asking what makes this sport exceptional from any other treasure looking game available?

First off we examine the interface of Treasure Madness. The factor right here is, this game is not completely base on Flash alone. I do note that a few a part of the sport is constructed from web interface. This is kind of unique with the combination of each worlds. Health bars and stock menus are positioned at the proper facet of the display and it is not a part of flash, as a substitute it is web primarily based here. On the centre of the display is where you do your essential interplay.

The Game first introduce you to the welcome screen and as soon as you click PLAY, you will be display with the loading display screen of the Bi-Plane flying to a unknown island. This is wherein you sport begins. Tutorial on this recreation is straightforward and as a substitute quick.

Once you reach the island you’ll be advised to DIG the grown you walk on. From there it’s miles truely relies upon in your luck to peer what you could find underneath. Funny a part of the sport here is in case you do no longer locate whatever the your man or woman will shout out loud in abnormal symbols (You would possibly get the joke to this if you examine a number of comics) and in case you do find something a new display screen will pop up and offer you with a undertaking. This is wherein this sport truely shines in comparison to Treasure Isle.

Each finding will provide you with a mini-game that’s randomly generated and provide gamers with a danger to play video games like Fruittle, Pearls Mania and some others greater. Each games performs differently and this allow players to surely play the sport without getting bored of the equal antique component time and again again.

The mini-games are easy to play and maximum will include a easy education on how the sport works. After a few hours into the game, I truely love how the developers do with all the mini-games as a few may be very addictive and smooth to grasp for all ages. Once you completed the mini-recreation a reward can be furnished to the player. However if the participant come what may lose all through the mini-game, then no reward is provide. Somehow this sport gives player with assignment to continually try to beat the mini-sport to advantage greater bonus objects.

The recreation itself isn’t always simplest about digging the ground you stroll on, you may additionally should chop down bushes, vines and additionally do some mining operations. However maximum equipment need to be buy and it does no longer come reasonably-priced. So for the primary few spherical, players will be constrained to digging the earth a bit.

Something I do notice is that when you finish a map, player will then need to buy a new map in an effort to maintain their treasure looking quest. This is where a piece of resource management is available in as you need to plan a bit on what to buy and what now not. Nothing is certainly extreme in this part of the sport play.

Another factor we examine is the stock system. The stock gadget may be get entry to at anytime and the proper aspect of the display. Mainly the most effective component the players want to worry about is their health as it’s far used to help player preserve their looking. Best part, fruits or health regeneration percent is without problems come back and the health top off counter is likewise restricted to 35 seconds. It could be very smooth to your fitness bar to top off even as players take a short destroy.


Not in reality the excellent photograph you could locate in Facebook gaming as a number of the texture in the sport is alternatively simple and plain. But this is not to mention this is an unsightly recreation initially. This recreation does has its shines in the image department.


I do no longer sincerely remark a great deal on the sound as I do not in reality consider having any tune. Sound FX and rather undeniable, however for this kind of sport it is as an alternative suitable as you do now not actually need to pay attention plenty from the game itself.


This is instead a unique sport in order to provide players of every age’ fun and amusement for hours to return. I for one as a substitute experience the game lots in particular the mini-game element. I would really like to see greater contents replace for this sport in the destiny. Happy Hunting Everyone!

I deliver this sport a 4 out of 5 score.

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