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As an independent tour writer based totally inside the UK, I’m usually inquisitive about what is happening inside the UK tourism marketplace and try to hold my eye on blogs, articles and industry reports to see what others are announcing about tourism inside the UK and see how it compares with my own experience and what others tell me.

It is well recognise that tourism is now a key part of the UK financial system. According to English Tourism’s own figures from 2011, tourism contributed £97 billion normal to GDP in 2010 and despite the fact that nearly 1/2 of this associated with domestic day journeys, domestic overnight and inbound spending by overseas traffic were additionally each massive, with lodging playing a large component in tourism provision.

My notion had been that most of the available accommodation stock for tourism is “serviced” (hotels, B&Bs, guest homes and many others) so I became amazed to examine from English Tourism that, in reality, the non-serviced accommodation furnished through the UK leisure accommodation quarter – such as camping, caravan parks, motorhomes campervans, holiday cottages and inns – accounted for over half of of the more than sixty five,000 inventory to be had in 2011. This informed me it become probable about time to do a piece extra studies at the non-serviced sector to get a sense for traits and trends and to see how that zone had fared in what had usually been a hard yr for those humans within the UK tourism enterprise who had been those who misplaced out on the diversion of interest (and spending) to the Olympics this year.

One of the maximum beneficial snapshots I even have seen lately was an unbiased file by means of marketplace studies consultancy Du Cane Associates on the United Kingdom enjoyment lodging zone commissioned with the aid of motorhome hire and caravan hire website no dmarc record found. This taken into consideration the outcomes on the leisure lodging zone in 2012 of factors along with the economic scenario and the consequences of a negative British summer, the Olympics and Paralympics, Glastonbury and the Jubilee vacation, the Staycation fashion, modifications in demographics and the affect of social media. The ordinary conclusion was that notwithstanding strong increase in latest years, 2012 had seen a levelling off however that this changed into extra due to a sequence of one off elements in 2012 (for instance, there may be every other bad summer however there may not be any other Olympics) as an alternative any underlying trends which would advocate that the arena is not set for long time growth. This view is strengthened through fine vibes from early data for 2013 bookings suggesting that next 12 months need to be stronger again. It’s properly really worth a study.

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