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Sometimes, Wall Street has a completely convoluted way of looking at

matters. For instance, recall the time period “smart money.” One could

suppose the time period “clever cash” could confer with a professional

investor with wonderful skills or a fund supervisor, market

strategist or analyst that has had steady success over

different marketplace situations, spanning a few years.

Or possibly a trader/investor who has an intimate understanding of

the marketplace and has mastered the gear of his exchange, which includes

technical and fundamental analyses, hedging and alternative concept,

and an professional knowledge of the worldwide economic system.

Wouldn’t this definition be a higher suit for the time period “clever

money”? Maybe, but now not in Wall Street’s eyes. On Wall Street,

the term “smart money” refers to someone with ‘privileged’

records, who uses it to their benefit. This man or woman, fund,

or group doesn’t always have any unique ability, skills or


They simplest realize something that the public has no longer been made privy

to. They have a bit of insider facts that they now and again

use illegally to income within the market. It occurs all of the time.

So, on Wall Street, “clever money” is frequently synonymous with

cheating or illegal activity.

For many years, maximum professional traders and even man or woman

buyers have studied long and tough for you to gather competencies

that could resource them of their quest to be better, greater able

buyers or traders. However, not having access to the same

degree of information as ‘clever money’ every now and then places the retail

investor at an excessive drawback.

A man or woman with insider statistics has a crystal ball. He is aware of

the final results of the game earlier than the game is even played. The SEC

has rules in place to attempt to save you this from happening however

those guidelines have not eliminated the hassle due to the fact the SEC

can not continually ‘prove’ their case. Therefore, there’s still a

lot of “smart cash” obtainable.

Most “smart cash” buyers try and hold a very low profile for

obvious motives. The simplest way for them to do this is within the

alternatives marketplace in which there are fewer individuals hence fewer

eyes and ears to word any unusual buying and selling.

Further, the alternatives markets offer lots extra leverage,

permitting “clever money” to attain even more rewards. For

example, If you knew that XYZ stock become going to record awful

profits, and also you knew this beforehand of the ‘market’, it might be

a great deal less expensive and greater worthwhile shopping for puts within the alternatives

markets compared to just shorting the inventory.

This is precisely what takes place, and it happens extra than you

assume. The sport is always easier whilst you know the final results

earlier than anybody else, and these ‘clever cash’ players are out

there making fortunes inside the alternatives markets due to the fact they know

what you do not.

“Follow within the footsteps of elephants”

What do we mean by means of this?

When a inventory’s alternative extent and implied volatility boom

drastically, it is usually a harbinger of factors to come.

Although the inventory’s charge movement may additionally appear quiet and uneventful,

now not reflecting any unusual pastime, the stock’s choice hobby

may be telling a very exclusive tale.

An uncommon and extra than ordinary boom in alternative quantity or

implied volatility may be an indication that big, informed

‘clever cash’ gamers (the elephants) are putting bets on

upcoming events or announcements. These bulletins can frequently

have a enormous impact on the fee of the underlying stock,

as with critical corporate profits, or different information.

These “clever money” buyers or “insiders” who have privileged

facts will try to act in this information earlier than it

becomes public knowledge. The trading of BarChart options permits those

“well knowledgeable traders” to growth their leverage and enables

them to maximise their profits with out risking their identity.

So how can we, as retail buyers, gain from this knowledge?

A considerable increase or atypical fluctuation inside the trading

volume of a inventory’s options and/or a extensive growth within the

day by day implied volatility of the stock’s options can be a

precursor of a main movement of the respective underlying


Sudden modifications in options quantity and implied volatility may be a

tip off to doubtlessly explosive movements in person stocks. A

move of exquisite importance is almost continually going to be fueled by

information, but correct evaluation of alternative order flow can alert one

before the information is disseminated to the public.

Often this form of information moves hard on the coronary heart of a organization’s

future prospects for boom and profitability.

Examples of those styles of information are the subsequent:

1 Earnings notably better or worse than Wall Street


2 New product trends or breakthroughs

3 Mergers and acquisitions

4 Upgrades/Downgrades coverage by way of Wall Street Analysts

five Media coverage

6 Products waiting for FDA approval or in clinical trials

And pretty often, this kind of news is leaked. The human beings and

agencies who realize approximately this information will use it to

their benefit. By searching out this uncommon alternative order waft,

investors can spot unique opportunities and bank large income just

by using ‘following inside the footsteps of elephants.’

There is extra to this strategy than we can get into here, like

ensuring that there isn’t always also extraordinary options size at the

opposite name / placed options (usually simply suggests hedging),

but it still may be a totally powerful ‘clue’ to be aware about.

Since wagers are primarily based on irregular movements in respective

agencies, this strategy’s overall performance isn’t dependent on

interest fee stability, favorable inventory marketplace environment or

any other marketplace aspect. This may also present important profit

opportunities, and returns can now and again be far superior while

compared to other strategies.

Conclusion: this buying and selling approach analyzes alternatives facts for the

cause of figuring out giant increases (or ordinary

fluctuations) in trading quantity and volatility of the inventory’s

alternatives as a hallmark of movement and the timeliness of that

movement in the underlying safety. Options order go with the flow analysis

can be a hallmark of “clever money” positioning, prior to

booklet of vast business announcements.

Another clue investors can look for are ‘block trades’ on the TOS

(Time of Sales) reports. This is a related approach, and does

not always suggest ‘insider’ buying, but can alert the

astute dealer to big institutional blocks of alternatives being

bought on either side of the underlying stock.

For example, if the average choice exchange size on a selected

stock’s options is five, 10, or 20 contracts, and also you see

massive blocks of 2 hundred, 500 or 1000 contracts going into the close,

then this is every so often noteworthy and well worth paying attention to

the underlying inventory.

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